Tabler Resources

Whether you’re a first time tabler, an old pro or a zine shopper, fests can feel overwhelming if you’re not prepared. Below are some tips to help you make the most at EBABZ (or any fest really!)


EBABZ Tips for Tablers:

Bring water and snacks. Including set up and clean up, Ebabz runs from 10am-6pm. That’s a long day! Make sure you stay hydrated and fed all day.

Have a buddy watch your booth. You’re going to want to peruse the other tables at the fest and take a break from customers at some point, so it’s a good idea to have a friend stop by to watch your booth at some point. You might be able to get your neighbor to cover you for a few minutes en lieu of a visiting pal!

Don’t stress about stock. Bring as many zines as you feel comfortable making and carrying with you— don’t stress about having a huge back stock if it’s a burden on you! It’s hard to know exactly how many of something you should bring if you’ve never tabled before, but remember that if you start running low on any of your zines you can always keep a “table copy” for customers to peruse and buy from you later.

Remember that we’re all zine-loving weirdos. It’s easy to become overwhelmed at the fest— showing your work can be anxiety inducing and couple that with a long day and hundreds of people and you’ve got a recipe for stress. Keep calm and remember that everyone is at the fest to have a good time and see cool stuff, not to judge you or your work! If you open yourself up to it, chances are you’ll make a ton of new friends and connections throughout the day.